About Sport Diddy

Learn more about Stuart Owen, and how the Sport Diddy programme was developed

How Sport Diddy started?

When my youngest son "Diddy" began to walk we would spend hours playing together in the small room at the back of our house. Diddy loved our special time together and I was amazed at how he would succeed with the increasingly difficult challenges that I thought up.

After encouragement from friends I filmed us playing together to capture some of these special moments for our memories. We were both having incredible fun and Diddy was learning and benefitting from the experience in so many ways.

A few years later I was blessed with a daughter "Diddy Roo" and, after all the wonderful times I spent with Diddy, it wasn’t long before we were playing and making up new challenges in our magical little room. Diddy Roo and I went on another sporting adventure.

Both my children have become happy, healthy children and Sport Diddy brought us together as a family. I never put a limit on what I thought my children could achieve and as a result they achieved things that seemed impossible.

Now I’d like to share the secrets of Sport Diddy and help you have hours of fun unlocking your child’s sporting potential. 

For further enquiries email: sportdiddy@gmail.com

See you soon!

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